Negroni Week 5-11th June 2017

1.a cocktail made from gin, vermouth, and Campari.

Next week is Negroni Week – a week-long celebration of the great Campari-based cocktail. We have created a very special Negroni menu to go in all of our restaurants and £1 from every Negroni we sell across the week will go to our chosen charity, Action Against Hunger.

To kick off the week in the best possible way, we will be giving away a free Negroni to the first 50 people who come to POLPO @ Ape & Bird in Soho and say “E’ Tempo di Campari”, or, in English, “It’s Campari Time!”.

Joining our classic Negroni recipes on the menu will be two specially curated concoctions. One is the winning entry of our Facebook competition to design your own Negroni, won by Rob from Brighton with his unique twist on the traditional, which included a “tiny dash of Fee Brothers Aztec chocolate bitters”.

The other unique recipe comes courtesy of our own in-house barrel-aged Negroni competition. Each of our restaurants were given a Campari barrel, a brief and some time (‘cos ageing doesn’t happen overnight) and were asked to turn up for a tasting on a Tuesday afternoon. Worst ways to spend a Tuesday and all that! We invited two judges, Leon Dalloway aka @TheGinBoss and Campari Brand Ambassador, Joe St Clair Ford to come and do some strict umpiring and, as you can imagine, it was a lot of fun. Every one of our restaurants did a great job but POLPO Smithfield were declared the winners with their “Barrel Aged Burnt Sage and Vanilla Negroni”, which quite frankly, was delicious! Join us next week and taste for yourself.

Cin cin!

Negroni Week – 5th to 11th June

POLPO @ Ape & Bird will be offering a free Negroni to the first 50 people who order one on Monday 5th June.

All POLPOs, Polpetto and Spuntino will be offering our Negroni Week menu.
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